Landscaping Tips

Sure, it's still cold outside, and we'll probably get some more snow and ice. Who has time to enjoy their yard in this weather?

Well, a great landscaping plan is one that allows you to enjoy your yard year-round. Plus, Spring is right around the corner, and so is the perfect weather for putting your landscaping plan in action.

Here's some tips that may take your yard from ho-hum to amazing!

-Make Your Landscaping a Year-Round Hit: Make sure your yard has something to offer during all four seasons. You may have to do some research, but make sur you have plants that look great throughout the year: flowering trees and/or shrubs throughout spring and summer, fall foliage in autumn and good structure in winter.

-Layer Your Flower Beds When Planting: Layer your planting beds in 3 rows: a back row (facing north, preferably) with the tallest plants, a middle row with the next tallest, and a front row composed of your shortest plants. Use repetition, both in the planting bed and elsewhere in your yard, to provide unity.

-Use Evergreens and Other Foliage Plants for Continuity: Do-it-yourself landscaping tip #1 above focuses on deciduous trees and shrubs. But don't forget evergreens and other plants prized as much or more for their foliage as for their flowers. The deciduous specimens provide more color and variety, while the evergreens will provide continuity.

-Use Annuals to Supplement Perennial Color: Perennial flowers are wonderful for your planting beds, but they bloom for only so long. You may have perennials blooming in your bed in May, then nothing until July. Incorporating annuals into a do-it-yourself landscaping plan will "plug the gaps," giving you continuous color in the yard.

-Incorporate Hardscape Into Your Landscape Design: Don't restrict your do-it-yourself landscaping to plants. Include hardscape features, too. Like evergreens, they provide structure in winter, and much more than that. Walls and fences make an essential design statement, as they frame your property.

We'll offer more tips next week!


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