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So your looking for a's some tips!

Are you considering buying a house in Louisville? Have you already found one that be be your dream home? Here’s some great tips to consider during the process!

1) Think about how long you’ll be there.

If you’re going to be in the house for 5, 10, 12 years or longer, then you may be in great shape for the purchasing process! However, if you think you’ll only be in the home for one or two years, then you may want to step back and think about it.

2) Take a look at your credit.

Since you’ll probably be looking at a mortgage, you may want to make sure your credit is up to par. Get copies of your credit report, and work on fixing any issues there may be. This is always a good time to talk to a mortgage loan officer.

3) Can you afford the house?

This is a BIG question! Again, this is a good time to talk to a professional.

4) Consider getting pre-approved.

This will often get you preferred treatment when purchasing a home.

5) Is the house in a neighborhood you like, with good schools and close to the places you need to be?

If you’ll be in the home for years to come, you better make sure it’s located in a great place for your lifestyle! Need more help? Real Estate 3000 is dedicated to helping you find the house of your dreams, and we'll guide you through the process from start to finish! Contact us HERE