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Reasons to move to Louisville - Part One

Considering buying a home in Louisville? There are some great reasons why it's a great idea to live in the Northern-most Southern Town:

1) The Expanding Skyline: Louisville has not stopped growing! With the addition of The KFC Yum Center, The Ali Center, and the future Museum Plaze, Louisville has just begun to grow!

2) The Parks: If you love living in a town full of life, but also want to be close to the outdoors, you'll love Louisville! The City is investing more than $60 million in public/private funds to acquire thousands of acres of green space and parkland in rapidly developing areas. It's the largest urban parks expansion in America!

3) The Muhammed Ali Center: Overlooking Louisville's waterfront, this $60 million, one-of-a-kind facility is drawing visitors worldwide by celebrating the deeply rooted values and worldwide influence of Louisville's most famous native son - Muhammad Ali.

4) Kentucky Derby Festival: Celebrating 51 years, the Festival turns the 'greatest 2 minutes in sports' into a two-week extravaganza that attracts 1.5 million people. Recognized as one of the premiere events of its kind in the world, it includes more than 70 special events requiring 4,000 volunteers - including the world's largest fireworks display.

More Reasons to Move To Louisville Next Week!


Buying a home in Louisville - New vs Existing

This is the question: should you buy a new home, or an existing one? Let's take a look.

On the surface, because ofadvancing construction techniques and improving technologies, a new home is generally more expensive than an existing one of approximately the same size. Newer homes typically do not require any repair or painting, and many of them come with more "green" features which help to keep utility costs down.

Newer homes also will generally have more safety and security features, which could play an important factor when considering your family.

Now, older homes have benefits, as well. When dealing with the owner of an existing home, many may be more motivated to sell. Also, you're less likely to pay homeowners association fees in older homes, which could add hundreds of dollars to your monthly house payment.

Also, many older homes are in established neighborhoods which are the exact surroundings many homebuyers are looking for. Location, location, location!

Need help deciding between New vs Existing? We can help you trudge through the choices! Contact us at your convenience.